We are very excited about our upcoming Wedding and the time we will have to spend with you afterwards at Chateau La Mer  https://www.chateaudelamer.com/

Here are a few logistical updates related to the Beach Trip. 



We will ask the crew from the first half of the week to strip the beds and thoroughly clean their bathroom upon departure.  For any guests coming in the back-half of the week, we ask that you bring king sheets and pillowcases.    We will ask the crew from the first half of the week to strip their beds and thoroughly clean their bathroom upon departure. Guests arriving on Thursday will be asked to make their bed with their own sheets upon arrival.  Each bed will have a comforter. Thursday arrival guests should also bring a bath towel from home.

For those of you who are planning on sleeping on air mattresses, (a few of the nieces and nephews are in this category), please bring a single air mattress and your own sheet for the air mattress.


Meals/ Happy Hours:

We are asking everyone to share in some of the meal preparation for the week by assigning assigning a meal and happy hour to each guest.   Everyone will be on their own for lunch. Click here to see your meal assignment:  


We will be purchasing a keg for the English Pub and bringing any leftover beverages from the wedding reception to the beach.  We encourage all guests to bring your beverage(s) of choice.  We will have printed drink cups and will secure plenty of ice.


Network = Chateau

Network password = Chateau1



We will be organizing some group activities and fun throughout the week, to include:

Beach Games, Board Games, Skit Night, Movie Nights, Card Games, and some “Bob Ross” painting.


We plan to offer Card and Board Games and Movie nights each night (movies to show in the 12-person theater).

Three (3) Bob Ross Painting stations will be available each day (50 canvases, paint, brushes and easels) to try something new or show off your artistic talent.

We will host a Family Skit night on Monday night after dinner. We will host a Friend Skit night on Friday night after dinner.

We plan to have a Family Beach Games competition on Tuesday afternoon  at 1:00 PM and a Friends Beach Games competition on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM   (Games to include:  Dodge Ball, Tug-of-War, Egg Toss, Relay Race, Musical Chairs, Sack Race, and more)…


We are so looking forward to celebrating our wedding with our loved ones, family and friends!!